27 04, 2014

Buffer Will Change The Way You Share Information

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For my first post on marketing tools I have chosen Buffer ( and the reason for this is that I love it! You can use Buffer to share any information from the web with your Facebook friends, Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Contacts or contacts and it really is a simple to use tool that will [...]

25 04, 2014

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

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You may or may not know that Facebook is about to undergo another design change over the course of the next few weeks. From what I understand, this new design will give much more focus on photographs and media in news feeds and this gives me the perfect opportunity to tell you about sharing photographs. [...]

23 04, 2014

Stop Trying To “Sell” Through Your Social Feeds

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There is a big difference between the eCommerce website you operate and your social media feeds but too often I see people confusing what each one is for. This will prove to be a costly mistake if you keep trying to sell kit, courses or dive trips through your social media feeds.   If I [...]

21 04, 2014

Fonts Matter!

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This might seem like I am stating the obvious but it is surprising how many times I stumble across websites with an extremely bad choice of font/typeface for text and this makes the website content extremely difficult to read.   Think Of Your Audience When putting together your website you need to be thinking of [...]

18 04, 2014

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In The Google Basket

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Being in the number one position in Google is the "Holy Grail" for any small business but particularly in the world of scuba diving. Google is without doubt the largest and most used search engine in the world. More people find what they are looking for using Google than any other medium and the term [...]

17 04, 2014

Why Your “Free” Email Address Is Costing Your Scuba Business Money

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As with many articles that I post on Dive Marketing Tips, the genesis starts with a particular "pet hate" of mine. These "pet-hates" then become part of the training that I provide to scuba diving centers through Dive Media Solutions and then eventually become blog posts here. This blog post is no different and not only does [...]