A Partner Who Understands Your Needs

Whether it is Online Solutions or Offline Solutions, you need a partner who understands the need of your diving business. Websites, Online Marketing and Offline Marketing strategies can be complex.

Working exclusively within the scuba diving industry gives us added insight into the needs of your diving business. Removing guesswork from the equation means a much faster return on your marketing efforts.

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Websites That Deliver Consistent Results

Your website has to be more than something you print on your business cards or flyers. It has to be an integral part of your marketing strategy and it has to generate results. Whatever you want your end result to be, the DiveMedia Team will work through every step to ensure that your website serves its purpose. More guests, more sales, more awareness.

Marketing That Engages Your Audience

Eye-catching, engaging, effective…These are all terms that should apply to your marketing strategies. Not only should they engage and be effective, they should also work “hand-in-hand” with each other. Your Website, Your Flyers, Your Store and Your Social Media should all work together to provide a unified strategy that produces results. Our team have the knowledge and the expertise to turn your ideas into something that works.

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eCommerce Stores That Sell Products

eCommerce is not suitable for all diving businesses but if you offer retail services to your customers then it is essential that your business can sell online. Whether you choose to do this through your own dedicated eCommerce Store or by using one of the DiveMedia B2C Platforms like Dive Kit Direct, putting your products online is like showcasing your services to the world, not just to your high street.

We Don’t Just Create, We Innovate

Yes, we do create fantastic websites and marketing strategies for our clients but we are also continually working to innovate new ideas that can help scuba diving businesses connect with their target audience. An example of this innovation includes The Scuba News which is read by thousands of divers worldwide every day. This is just one way in which we can put your diving business in front of the people you want.

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A free consultation from one of the DiveMedia Team will allow you to tell us your vision and let us see how we can help realise that for you.

Consultations can be done by phone, by email or in person in your own home or office. Our aim is to make the process of obtaining effective business services as simple as possible for you.

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