The following instructions will allow you to add a Blog or News article to your DiveMedia provided website.

  1. Go to your website admin area using your own website address eg.
  2. From the menu on the left select POSTS > ADD NEW
  3. Entire a title for your article in the box provided
  4. Type your news article / blog post in the text box and use the Word style interface to add things such as underlining or bold font
  5. On the right hand side look for “Categories” and select the category your article refers to
  6. On the right hand side look for “Set Featured Image” and choose an image from your Media Library or upload an image from your computer
  7. On the right hand side look for “Tags” and type in this box words or phrases (separated by a comma) which directly relate to your article. These are particularly important for search engines. (For example: Diving Hurghada, Red Sea Diving, Cayman Islands, Scuba Travel,)
  8. Scroll back up the page and click “Publish”. Your article will then be visible on your website instantly.


If you have any difficulty adding an article to your website please do not hesitate to contact us.