Project Description

Flora Diving Camp is a former diving center and accommodation complex in Marsa Alam, Egypt which is being renovated and relaunched in October 2014.

Our Brief

The DiveMedia Team were asked to create a brand new website and online social media presence to relaunch the diving center and accommodation services offered by Flora Diving Camp. This included registration of a new website address, development of a website and a creation of social media channels.

What We Did

After looking at the range of services offered, we initially provided the client with a list of available domain names (website addresses).

Following the domain registration we constructed a website which would not only be accessible on desktop computers but also fully responsive for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android).

Social networking accounts were then created with each of the major channels and made ready to use for the launch of the website and the diving center.

For The Future

The DiveMedia Team will be providing ongoing help and support services in addition to monitoring all visitor traffic in order to provide ongoing marketing assistance and content revisions to maximise the number of visitors and improve visitor flow through the website.