dive.im is the short URL provided by the Dive Media Solutions Team to help shorten and optimize website addresses for people in the scuba diving industry.

The dive.im short URL provides our clients with unparalleled information on click-thru rates. With a focus on social media, the dive.im short URL helps scuba professionals monitor the responses they generate from posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

rEvo Rebreathers, the leading manufacturer of closed circuit rebreathers, currently undertake a campaign on the social networks called “Me and My rEvo”. They use the dive.im short url as part of this campaign to provide users with quick access to the relevant pages of the rEvo Rebreathers website.


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Clients using the dive.im short URL include:

and many more leading scuba professionals

If you would like to take advantage of the dive.im Short URL for your scuba business please get in touch and we can discuss the options  with you.