Well it is now Sunday morning and I am just going through all of the emails, tweets, messages and site statistics from the first few days of The Scuba News and all I can say is WOW! 
The response has been absolutely amazing and much better than I could have expected. Whilst I do work in marketing and in particular marketing within the scuba industry, this is a brand new website with no previous brand identity so I was anticipating a much slower growth rate than what has actually happened.
I know there are a lot of scuba diving websites bring you features etc but the response to The Scuba News has been fantastic and whilst this is a crowded market place, it does show that when you develop a website providing information that people want to read, your readers and subscribers take care of promoting it for you!
I would therefore just like to say thank you to everyone who has either contributed to our content, sent message of support and provided feedback on what they would like to see included on The Scuba News over the coming few weeks. Without you, the readers and the dive community, this weeks great results would not have been possible! I thank you all!!
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