Putting your scuba diving website could potentially be the most expensive part of marketing your scuba business online. You need to be fully aware of what is involved when it comes to developing your website because there are so many options, so many designers and developers to choose from. Even if you decide to “go it alone” and build a website yourself you need to make sure you are starting off with the right platform, the right sort of website hosting, the best type of email to suit your needs.


Don’t Rush!

Here at Dive Media Solutions we don’t want you to rush any decision when it comes to developing a website because making the wrong choices at the beginning could result in your project becoming much more expensive in the future.


How We Work

To ensure that you making the correct choices we spend a lot of time looking at what you want to achieve and the developing a strategy which can help you realise your end goals. For example, do you want a simple online presence? Will you require online booking? Are you using your scuba website to sell diving equipment?

There are a lot of decisions to be made not just on your initial website but on what your long term plans are going to be. We look at your short and long term goals and then develop a website solution which not only works now but will be future proof as you start to expand your online services in the future.


For more information about our wide range of website development services please get in touch and we can talk through some options with you.