As part of our continual process of improving our services and making your website the best it can be, we have now installed both a CDN Service and Advanced Caching on all websites developed by DiveMedia.

What Does This Mean?

A CDN (Content Delivey Network) combined with Advanced Caching makes a number of improvements to your website. Non of these affect the aesthetics of your site but do enhance it’s performance, not only for users but also with how search engines view your business.

This combination of services means that:

  • Your site will load up to 30% faster (depending upon your website content)
  • Your site uses 60% less bandwidth
  • Your site is more secure


How Does It Work?

Your website resides on our network of servers and when someone types in your website address the request is sent to our servers and your website is presented. By using a Content Delivery Network and Advanced Caching the process is a little bit different. Your website still resides on our servers but a copy of your website is also stored in 32 different locations around the world. When someone types in your website address instead of routing to our servers, it routes to the nearest copy of your website. For example, if the user accessing your website is in Australia they will see the copy of your website which is stored in Australia. There is no need for the request to go all the way to our servers.

This means that the load time of your website will be quicker because the data does not have to travel as far.

Other benefits include:

  • Better Spam Protection – the CDN system identifies malicious traffic before it ever arrives and blocks them. This means a reduced amount of SPAM email and SPAM comments on your blog or website.
  • Virus Protection – the CDN system will notify visitors if their home computer is infected with a virus of any kind and this will reduce the possibility of any virus infecting your website.
  • More Uptime – in the event that our server is experiencing issues, your users will still be able to see one of the copies stored throughout the Content Delivery Network.

These facilities are now all included Free of Charge on all website packages developed by DiveMedia. This includes both Fully Managed and Self Managed website packages.

If you would like more information on our Content Delivery Network or Advanced Caching Facilities please do not hesitate to contact us.