For my first post on marketing tools I have chosen Buffer ( and the reason for this is that I love it! You can use Buffer to share any information from the web with your Facebook friends, Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Contacts or contacts and it really is a simple to use tool that will change the way you share information. What’s more, it is free!


Buffer For Tweets

I personally only use Buffer for sharing information on Twitter because I prefer a little bit more human interaction on Facebook pages. Not to say that Buffer isn’t great for Facebook sharing, it is but my own personal preference leads me to just use it for Twitter. I do have a paid plan with Buffer because I manage multiple Twitter feeds but if you are just using it for your personal Twitter feed, business Twitter feed or both then it will be completely free for you to use.


What Is It For?

Buffer allows you to share information from any website, any Twitter feed – in fact you can share anything you see on the web with your own followers and schedule your posts to time periods when they will be viewed the most. For example in my case, I only really get time in the evening to read Tweets from the people I follow and some of those I would like to “retweet” and share with my followers. I know from experience however that late at night not many of my followers are online to read what I am sharing so I use Buffer to schedule my retweets for the following day when they will be seen by more people.

The other advantage of scheduling my retweets is so I don’t flood my followers with Tweets. On days when I find lots of interesting content I may retweet posts from 30 or 40 people. Retweeting all of these at once is a sure fire way to make sure no one ever reads them so scheduling over the course of the following day allows me spread out my tweets and this results in people paying more attention.


Getting Started With Buffer

Getting started with Buffer is easy. Just visit and log in using your preferred social network or create a new account.


Link Your Social Networks

Choose the social networks you would like to share with. As I mentioned, I personally only use this for Twitter but you can choose whichever you wish from the list


The Buffer Button

Once you have connected your social media accounts you will be asked if you wish to install the Buffer button for sharing. This is an awesome little tool which gives Buffer it’s power and makes sharing so simple. The Buffer button integrates into your web browser and is extremely easy to use. I personally use Google Chrome for browsing but you can install into other browsers too. The button appears in the top right corner in Google Chrome and once installed simply click it if you are reading some web content that interests you. A box will appear asking which of your social networks you wish to share with and that’s it. Done!


Schedule Your Posts

The good people at Buffer have preset some times for your posts to be sent but you can set your own timing if you prefer. Choose the times you wish to send choose how many posts per day you wish to make.

Now you can be tweeting great content to your followers whilst not even being sat at your desk! And there is even an iPhone Application too so you can schedule your posts and tweets from the palm of your hand.



Personally I think that Buffer is one of the best sharing applications available for social networking. Clearly I have not tried every one which is available but for a free service this really is amazing and simple to use.


If you would like any help or advice on using Buffer for your scuba diving business please feel free to contact me and I will help you wherever I can