You may or may not know that Facebook is about to undergo another design change over the course of the next few weeks. From what I understand, this new design will give much more focus on photographs and media in news feeds and this gives me the perfect opportunity to tell you about sharing photographs.


Photographs Are Liked and Shared More Than Text

This statement is made purely out of fact! After a long time on Facebook helping many people get more followers and assisting people to understand whether Facebook is working for them, the fact the photographs generate more than posts has become very clear.

Particularly in the scuba diving industry this is more important. We work in a very visual medium. Whether this is pictures of dive kit, pictures of wrecks and reefs or pictures of underwater wildlife. As a diver you probably have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures in your collection so why not share them?

Rather than simply making a post on Facebook like “we had a great day at the dive site today”, post a picture of the dive. It does not matter if the photo is from the dive boat or an underwater shot, the important thing is that the photo looks interesting. When you post a photograph you will see instantly that more of your followers “like” it. More of your followers will comment and more of your followers will share it. This is viral marketing! The more people like, share and comment, the more people will see both the photograph and the name of your scuba business.


Go One Stage Further

When you post a photograph you are not able to also post a link BUT you can! Once you have posted your photograph with a catchy title or comment, open the image in your post and click “Edit”. You will then be able to add a link to your post as well as the image. This is great way of generating additional traffic to your website. More people pay attention to your photograph and therefore pay more attention to your links! Simple.

Try posting photos today instead of text and see the difference in the response you receive.


If you need any help with your social media strategy please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help you wherever I can.