Do you currently have a blog on your scuba diving website? If you don’t then let me tell you the reason you should start thinking about getting one. First, the quick answer – You will get more visitor traffic and a higher position in search engines! Do I have your attention now?


What Is A Blog?

The term “Blog” covers a few different areas for your website. It could be a section which you update like a diary, it could be a section where you post interesting articles about your services (like the site you are reading now), it could be information about the area you are located in. The important element of any blog however is that it is updated regularly. Ideally once or twice per week but even more frequently is better.


Why Does A Blog Help?

Search Engines actually favor websites which have regularly updated content rather than websites which have remained the same for months or even years on end. Generally within the scuba diving industry, you don’t have reason to regularly update your main content. For example, the page you have about PADI Openwater Courses has probably been the same since you built your website. There is no new information to share so the page stays the same. This could be said for every course you offer as the fundamentals of the course change very little over time. It is because of this that you need to find new and creative ways to keep your content updated and fresh. This is where a blog will help you.


What Can I Write About?

This is entirely up to you and it depends a lot on what area of the scuba diving industry you are in. Here are just a few examples of topics you can cover.

  • Equipment reviews of your favorite kit configurations
  • “How To” articles which can help divers improve their skills
  • Location information for your area (best places to visit during dry days)
  • Best wrecks or reefs near your dive center
  • Diary or trip reports from your recent dives
  • News about forthcoming trips
  • News about forthcoming offers

There are a wide range of topics you can cover but remember to stay on topic and keep the information connected to scuba diving in some way.


I Am Not A Good Writer

Don’t worry. Blogging is not about winning a Pulitzer prize or writing an award winning novel. Blogging is just you sharing your opinions, your ideas, your thoughts on the subject you are passionate about – diving!

Blogging allows you to inject some of your own personality into your website and helps to build the “Know, Like, Trust” principles of selling I have mentioned before. By giving your website a personality it will help you to stand out from your local competitors.


Give Your Website Some “Stickyness”

Stickyness is a phrase that I have not used for quite some time but it refers to the amount of time people stay browsing your site or a reason to visit more than once. You will not always “hook” a potential customer on the first visit to your website. They may need to come back three or four times before they actually commit to making a purchase or a booking. Having a blog on your website gives them a reason to visit more than once. If your articles are interesting and they are about subjects they care about then they will visit regularly to read your new content. The more time someone spends on your website will directly translate into whether they are willing to buy from you!


If you are already using a blog and have any comments, or if you are thinking about blogging and don’t know where to start then send me a message or post a comment below.