There is a big difference between the eCommerce website you operate and your social media feeds but too often I see people confusing what each one is for. This will prove to be a costly mistake if you keep trying to sell kit, courses or dive trips through your social media feeds.


If I Can’t Use It For Selling, Why Am I Using It?

As I have mentioned in previous posts on social media, you can’t simply bombard people with information and prices and expect them to buy from you. Most of your followers on Facebook and Twitter don’t really know you. They follow you because their friends do or your page has been suggested because they are a diver. The important element of this sentence is that they don’t know you and therefore they don’t trust you enough to pull out a credit card yet. It is like a relationship, you have to build trust and understanding before you can move to the next level.


Treat Social Media Followers Like You Met Them In A Bar

I know this sounds strange but think about it logically. You go out to a bar or nightclub tonight and you see someone of the opposite sex. What is the first thing you say? Is it “Let’s go have sex”? Of course not because the response will certainly not be a positive one. OK I do admit that this approach will work in some clubs. After all I have lived in Manchester!

The approach though is totally flawed. Before you can even contemplate moving the relationship to the next level, the person has to get to know you, grow to like you, feel like they can trust you. You converse and talk to each other and somewhere along the way there will be some mutual understanding.

This is how you should approach social media for your scuba diving business. Don’t try to keep going for the “quick kill” approach. Talk to your followers through your posts. Allow them to warm to you, allow them to get to know you, earn their trust.


Know, Like, Trust

I know I have over simplified a little bit in the example above but the point comes back down to these 3 key words that anyone with any sales training will have heard repeatedly. Your potential customers have to “Know You, Like You, Trust You” before they will ever become a customer.

Build that relationship through your social media feeds and you will see a huge amount of difference in the responses you receive. More people will comment, more people will share, more people will “like” what you have posted and when the time comes that they want to book a course, buy some kit or arrange a dive trip you have already won them over enough to buy from you.


Next time you post something to Facebook or Twitter just ask yourself before if you are maybe being to aggressive in your approach. Are you suggesting that they buy something immediately or are you talking to them in a friendly way?


Try it for the next week and let me know if you found a difference in your response rate or if you have some experience with what I am saying then please feel free to contact me or leave me a comment below.