When I say “Check”, what I am actually referring to in this instance is spelling. I don’t want to sound like a primary school teacher and I have touched on this subject previously but I have just seen a prime example of what I am talking about on a Facebook post so it is very fresh in my mind.


Why Spelling Is Important

Again, without sounding like a primary school teacher, the spelling of your posts is important because it can totally change the nature of what you are writing.

I am not going to “name and shame” the guilty culprit but the post I have just seen was from a Bar/Restaurant who wanted to promote a new brand of beer that would be available this weekend and yes, you have guessed it, they actually got the name of the beer wrong!!

They did follow the mistake with another post a few minutes later but where is their credibility?

I know this is a simple thing but it is a mistake made by so many people and it can be easily avoided.



Your posts don’t have to be the Facebook equivalent of Byron or Shelley but double check what you have written before you click the “POST” button!


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