rEvo Rebreathers are a leading manufacturer of closed circuit rebreathers based in Belgium with instructor dealers all over the world.

Our Brief: Our initial brief was to develop a brand new website for the rEvo Rebreathers UK team which could be fully optimized for search engines and dramatically increase brand awareness throughout the UK for the rEvo. The second stage of the brand awareness campaign was to develop a social media presence for rEvo which would create engagement with rEvo Divers and potential rEvo Divers.

What We Did: Initially starting with a fully optimized website developed from scratch and expanded as the needs of the client dictate, the Dive Media Team also created a full social media strategy including the development and management of accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Foursquare

For The Future: We work closely with the team from rEvo Rebreathers and cover all aspects of their online marketing and provide a fully managed service which is continually updated and revised as required.